Thursday, April 4, 2013

A typical Turkish sport

This is a soccer game that is very popular.

A Turkish place of worship

This is a Mosque and it is a place of worship in Istanbul.

A fun food to eat at the shore

Here is a picture of a fully loaded baked potato.

A Turkish pet

Here in Istanbul everybody help in the care of the animals.

A typical American house pet

This is my cat Lucky.

A Turkish rude gesture

Here is a picture of a person doing a rude gesture.

An American rude gesture

This is someone giving an America rude gesture.

A typical Turkish home

In these pictures are several Turkish homes.

A Turkish non verbal agreement (yes)

In this picture is one oft the students agreeing with us about a statement that was maid.

A Turkish complimentary gesture

Her in these photos are some complimentary gestures.

A prestigious job in Istanbul

In this picture is a professor from one of the colleges that we visited.

A typical Turkish outfit

Here are some examples of people and their typical dress.

A Turkish greeting

This is how people greet each other when they are close friends.

A Turkish vending machine

This is a typical vending machine at a college that we visited.

A Turkish Flag

This is a Turkish flag that was flying outside of a school. Also there are flags flying all around town.

A Turkish transportation

Not everyone has transportation by car.

A Turkish family

While walking and shopping there was a family sitting together on the bench resting.

This picture is our extended Turkish family.

A Turkish greeting

While walking in the park today there were two girls waving at us saying hello.

Saturday, March 30, 2013

Already getting pulled over

I cannot believe we got pulled over leaving the airport

My First Meal

This is my first meal in Istanbul, Turkey. The food was very tasty.

Well we are now in Istanbul

The long travel has ended we are now in Istanbul, Turkey.  Now the adventure begins.

Thursday, March 14, 2013

A prestigious job

In this picture is the test proctor from the Disabilities office.  She is very influential in helping students with preparing to take test with making sure the name, date, and class sections are filed out.

An American Family

This is part of my family.  This picture was taken at my mother's second bachelors graduation from Piedmont College.  In this picture are my mom's friends, my sons, nephews, sister, and my parents.  

An American non verbal agreement

This is a class mate from my Biology 102 class.  I asked her was that her new phone and she is nodded her head yes.

An American compliment

In this picture are two of my class mates from Biology 102.  The guy is giving this girl a compliment about her new cell phone.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Typical American transportation

This picture was taken at Greenville Technical College of someones' car. This is a Chevrolet Trail Blazer.

A typical American outfit

This is a picture of me and it was taken by my mom, when we were visiting the Hindu Temple in Atlanta.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

A typical American home

This is a house in my neighborhood. It has 5 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms; also, it is located on nine acres of land.

A place of worship

This picture was taken when I went to visit my mom in Atlanta.  This is a Hindu Temple that we visited while were there.


Hello Cyber World, I am Valerie and this blog is part of a class study abroad project. This class is with Greenville Technical College in Greenville South Carolina and we will be traveling over spring break.  We will be going to Istanbul, Turkey starting on March 29th and will be returning really late on April 7th. 

For this class project, I will be posting pictures of my travels on this blog. For this class, we have to find pictures of 5 typical American objects and 5 pictures of examples of ideas, like greetings and gestures. Then when we arrive in Istanbul, we will need to find the same pictures and snap a photo of the Turkish counterparts there.